Thomer Gil

Helping startups and their (technical) founders.


My name is Thomer [LinkedIn]. I help startups and their (technical) founders.

I dropped out of the MIT computer science Ph.D. program in 2006, was a founding team member and back-end team lead of Meraki (which was acquired by Cisco in 2012 as a unicorn). I was CTO at Philo for 6 years before founding Provable Labs in Amsterdam and co-founding Provable Markets in New York. I raised three rounds of funding for Provable and have been helping startups on and off since 2012 and more regularly since 2023.

I hold multiple patents, I am a certified FINRA General Securities Representative and General Securities Principal. I am trilingual.

Having been a software engineer, an engineering manager, a CTO, a Founder/CEO, and board member, I understand how to overcome technical, management, and founder challenges in startups.

I got some things right through hard work. I got lucky many times. I made a lot of mistakes.

I look forward to working with you. Please be in touch ([encrypted email]).

(My preferred geographic focus is the Greater Boston area and The Netherlands. Remote assistance is possible.)

  • Organization
    • Culture
    • Leadership
    • Planning
    • Budget and finance
  • Fundraising
    • Pitch preparation and practice
    • Valuation negotiation
    • Term sheet navigation
  • Engineering
    • Software architecture
    • Design and implementation
    • Development prioritization
    • Process optimization
    • Team structure and scaling
  • People
    • Recruiting and hiring
    • Compensation discussions
    • Effective 1:1 conversations
    • Interpersonal dynamics