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Photo gallery #2

March 16, 2000

Hi all,

Unfortunately C couldn't scan the pictures this time so I have used an old, rusty scanner at M.I.T. The scans are too dark but I'm too dumb to do anything about it. They give a rough idea anyway. I'm sorry.

C and C have both asked me not to be put on the Web.


Humphrey and Martin
Do you also see something weird on this photo?

Humphrey and me


I found this at home on the dining table. I'm not sure who's reading it, but I guess I will know soon...

Western World at its best

This is by far the most famous view on M.I.T. I'm in a very ugly building, far away from this beautiful dome, though.

5th floor at night
The guy touching his nose is Max. He's my advisor.

My room at home

My office at M.I.T.

Burying a skunk

Boston by night
Last weekend I went up the right skyscraper (Prudential).

Boston by day
The old state house, I believe. It reminded me of another famous building.

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