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Various Web pages


Photos of me
Some photos for the morbidly curious.

Cycling journals and photos
Stories and photo albums of long-distance cycling trips.

Papers and talks
Publications from my previous life as a Ph.D. student.


Things to do in Amsterdam—an unconventional guide
What I think tourists should (not) do in Amsterdam.

Logic puzzles, math puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles
Some of my favorite mind benders.

Yiddish Dictionary
A long list of yiddish words and expressions.

The difference between Danish and Dutch
Clearing up confusion some people seem to have.

The difference between it's and its
Clearing up confusion some people seem to have.

Haha. But how funny are you, really?
Counting ha's in REAL TIME.

Computer & Linux

The Vi Lovers Home Page
The Vi Lovers Home Page is the starting point for every Vi user.

Technical Tips / HOWTOs
I write a short web page for every seemingly simple problem I waste time on.


Drink! is a Mac application that ensures you don't forget to drink water at your computer. It pops up visual and/or audible reminders so you keep hydrating those kidneys.

Cuerator: bike ride cue sheets from GPX/KML files
Generates a bike ride cue sheet from a GPX or KML file.

Lockout: The Self-imposed, Computer-aided Work Enforcer
Are you a slacker? So am I. Do you browse the Web, read the news, and write email all day in stead of working? There is a cure for your disease!

Happy Cube Solver
A grandiose, but amuzing waste of time. This program solves Happy Cube (Wirrel Warrel) puzzles.

Rostering and scheduling assistant
I doubt this really belongs in the "Software" category, but, either way, this web page helps you to divide points among a group of people where a subset (or subsets) of those people work part-time.

Brick Breaker / Breakout (Python)
A remake of the classic arcade game, in Python.

Brick Breaker / Breakout (HTML5)
A remake of the classic arcade game, in HTML5.

A remake of the classic arcade game, in HTML5.

Old and irrelevant stuff

Stories from MIT, Cambridge
Stories about graduate school and living abroad I (used to) send to friends and family.

Migrating to Linux Kernel 2.6
Migrating a GNU/Linux (RedHat) system to kernel 2.6.

Korn Shell for Minix
A ksh port for Minix. From 1998.

Changing effects on Yamaha keyboards using System Exclusive
The hairy world of Sysx explained.

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