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...this website

I used Template Toolkit and my own imagination.

...the pictures

The pictures are picked at random from a fairly large set. Many pictures are parts of photos that I made myself; many on a bike trip through the Alps in 2004, many are from various other bike trips, and some I just shot in random places at random times.

A small number of photos have been made by other people, but I was always present at the time that they were made. All pictures are tagged with an appropriate copyright message in the EXIF comment field. Please inspect all photos to see the respective copyright holders.

...the signature

The seemingly handwritten signature at the bottom of the main page was actually programmed in MetaPost.

...the icon

The favicon.ico was made by Sonya Cates. copying the design

That's OK. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You may use the templates, the layout, and the color scheme if you like. However, you may not use the images on this website; those are all copyrighted. Also, please acknowledge me (with a link to somewhere on your website.

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