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Tour of the Alps, 2004

From June 26 until July 2, 2004 I cycled through the Alps with my friends Max, Chip, Florian, and some of Max's friends. The composition of the group varied in size (between two and four) as various friends joined and parted along the way.

Below are the stories I wrote about each day. (Max's journal is also highly recommended reading.) Photos are embedded in the stories, but you can look at all the photos in the album.

Daily reports

June 26: Zürich - Meieringen
June 27: Meieringen - Andermatt
June 28: Andermatt - San Bernardino
June 29: San Bernardino - Pontresina
June 30: Pontresina - Bormio
July 1: Bormio - Prato Isarco
July 2: Prato Isarco - Zürich
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