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pdksh for Minix


I've been able to compile pdksh 5.2.13 for Minix. Pdksh is the Public Domain Korn Shell. You can download the Minix binary here.

Info on pdksh

Pdksh is currently maintained by Michael Rendell. Take a look at the pdksh site. You can also find the manpage there for this version of pdksh. All standard versions and patches can be downloaded via ftp from Note: you cannot download my Minix binary there.

Warning beforehand

Before downloading the binary, please read the following:

I changed the source code of pdksh to get it compiled for Minix. I did this rather straightforward, if you catch my drift. This means that the functionality of pdksh may have changed without my knowing.

I take absolutely no responsibility of any damage caused directly or indirectly by this binary version of pdksh. So, use this version of pdksh AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I have used my pdksh for some time now and it does seem to work ok.

The binary

By clicking on the download link below you accept the risk of using pdksh, and you accept the above warning.

After all the talk... You can download pdksh-5.2.13.minix.Z. (Click your right mouse button and choose "Save as...").

The sources

... are ftp-able at the pdksh site I mentioned in the first paragraph. I do not want you to see the sources for pdksh that I used. It's too gruesome. You wouldn't survive the ugly sight of it. ;-).

On request, I can send you the config files I used to get it compiled (Makefile and config.h).

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Updated: 2004/09/06