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Use a Delkin Devices eFilm CompactFlash Reader-31 in Linux


You want to use the Delkin Devices eFilm Reader-31 in Linux. The device has Vendor ID 0c45 and Product ID 1050.


Delkin, Reader-31, CompactFlash, eFilm, usbview, 0c45, 1050, usb-storage.


Consult Greg Baker's page on Using a USB Card Reader in Linux and Van Emery's page on USB Mass Storage Devices for Linux.

The summary is that you need to enable CONFIG_SCSI, CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD, CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SG, CONFIG_USB, CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS, a USB driver (My IBM ThinkPad T30, Type 2366 uses CONFIG_USB_UHCI), and CONFIG_USB_STORAGE. In addition, you need to install sg3-utils.

Reboot your computer. The sequence of commands is now roughly:

modprobe uhci-hcd        (or whatever your USB controller is)
modprobe usbcore
modprobe usb-storage
modprobe sg
modprobe sd_mod
mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt    (-t msdos for older CF cards)

Notice that /dev/sda1 may actually not be the correct device. Let the output of /usr/bin/sg_map guide you.

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