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Photo gallery #3

June 15, 2000

Hello everybody,

As promised: some pictures from my trip to Cape Cod with Florian, my trip to Connecticut, MIT, and some other people.


Street heading for the Atlantic (Cape Cod)

Florian and me (Cape Cod)

Say what? (Cape Cod)
Dismount at railroad crossing.....

My feet in the Atlantic (Cape Cod)

Florian at the Atlantic (Cape Cod)

Swimming pool at the house I stayed at in Connecticut

Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT
Almost as ugly as the VU

Dave making a statement about my after shave
Over his shoulder you can see part of the Click testbed

The average mess in an average LCS office

Holy Max giving his blessing over an IBM Thinkpad 600

Holy Max after prayers

My father right after robbing the New York GAP store
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