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Thomer's Technical Tips

Here is a list of (occasionally very) short articles that describe a solution to problem.


Prevent spam with Mail Avenger, spamassassin, bogofilter, procmail, and DNS
How to use a MailAvenger smart host on Mac OS X (Postfix)
How to set up a Postfix relay with SASL, TLS, Postgrey, and ClamAV
Mail readers choke on mutt's sent mail mbox folder
How to compile mutt on Mac OS X


Filename completion with Vim's Netrw plugin (scp:// only)


Ubuntu 8.04: Hardy Heron is Horrid Hardship
How to override the default keyboard layout in Linux
Fix sound (for Flash plugin) in Mozilla Firefox in Linux
Use a Delkin Devices eFilm CompactFlash Reader-31 in Linux
Installing TinyOS on Debian
Running your own Linux router over Verizon DSL
Mount CDROM (.iso) image as loopback device
Burn or write a CD with cdrecord and ide-cd
Enabling DMA on a SATA DVD drive, kernel 2.6.18
Make kxkb, xmodmap, xkb work together
Fix backspace in less
Some common commands for screen
Make middle mouse button (paste) load URL in Firefox
Firefox hangs with flash
Read the webalizer DNS cache file with Perl
Generate a certificate for apache or lighttpd
Speeding up Vim's Netrw plugin over ssh/scp

Images and Sounds

Create interlaced/progressive JPG/JPEG images
Capture or record a real audio/video (rtsp) stream in Linux
Extract the embedded jpg from a raw image
Copy EXIF data from one image to another
Convert any video file for an iPod or iPhone
How to bulk download a SmugMug photo album/gallery
How to detect the presence of sound/audio


Embed fonts in a PDF with pdflatex
Convert PostScript to Encasulated PostScript while cropping white space


How (not) to eat hagelslag
How to react when speaking with a person who stutters
How to make vla / vla recept / vla recipe
Divide points between (part-time) people when rostering/scheduling
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